My Fav Eateries & Drinkeries in Nashville (So Far)

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One thing I love most about living in a blossoming metropolitan city is the food scene that’s budding right along with it. And though Nashville — lovingly referred to by many as Music City — has had its own draw for years (and years and years) being a hub for live music, it’s recently become a destination for foodies looking to dig into (lol eating puns) its culinary landscape.

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How To | Gracefully Deal With Problem Neighbors

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Imagine this: It’s 9:30 PM in the middle of the week. It has been a day (what with all those new projects and crazy deadlines at work, the bumper-to-bumper traffic you spent well over an hour in, and the fact that your highly anticipated package arrived damaged) and all you’ve really wanted is your bed, to get some shut-eye, and to bid adieu to this awful, no-good, very bad day. Well, lucky you! The time has come.

You meticulously place your decorative pillows on the bench at the foot of your bed (or toss them haphazardly onto the floor — I won’t judge), peel back those sheets, and climb right in. You almost cry out of pure joy as you reach to turn off your bedside lamp. You roll over, get all comfy and cozy (one hand tucked under your pillow, the other grasping tightly onto the comforter and pulling it close to your nose), and, with an exaggerated exhale, you at last close your eyes. Good riddance, horrible day!

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The Latest — Nov. 30

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Life & Lifestyle

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, is it finally acceptable to listen exclusively to Christmas music for the rest of the year?! Not even asking for a friend on this one. I’m directing this question in a contemptuous way toward all the judgmental Grinches out there. You know, the ones who look down on us joyful spirits who happily agree that November 1 is a plenty-appropriate date to begin listening to “Last Christmas” on repeat.

So what of it?! Are we holly-jolly folk a little more tolerable now that it’s after Turkey Day?!?!?

Woah, who knew I felt so strongly about this topic. *reaches to turn the volume up a little on John Legend’s A Legendary Christmas album . . . takes a deep, restorative breath . . . continues typing*

Anywho, here we are. Another “Latest” post where I corral my most recent goings-on in one handy place so y’all can gain some insight into my life (but mostly so I can look back a year from now and oooo and ahhh at what exactly I was up to). From what I’m reading to what I’m drinking to where I’m planning on traveling next — it’s all accounted for here.

So crank up those holiday jingles and let’s boogie!

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