I Survived Whole30 — How’s This for an Honest Review?

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Let me preface the following post by saying this: I am not a diet person. I have never been, and likely never will be.

You might be thinking, “Wait, but isn’t Whole30 a diet, you dingbat?!”

So maybe I threw in the silly zinger at the end of your genuinely good question. Either way, I would answer your inquiry by saying, sure — in the sense that one alters their food intake for a period of time and might see weight loss as a result — I guess you could consider Whole30 a diet. But the other and perhaps less-glamorous side effects of this program far outweigh (lol diet puns) the weight you might end up shedding. Because of that, I wouldn’t necessarily generalize Whole30 as just a diet. It’s so much more.

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Words To — Make You Smile

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Remember in Elf when Buddy is asked (kinda brazenly, no less) by the manager of Gimbels why he was smiling quote . . . like that . . . end quote? And without skipping a beat or easing up on his overzealous grin, Buddy replies,

“I just like to smile! Smiling’s my favorite!”

Same, Buddy, same. And my guess is we’re not alone in that. Keep scrolling for some encouraging, uplifting, and cheerful words that’ll help crack that b-e-a-utiful smile. My Hump Day gift to you!

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The Latest — Feb. 1

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Last year, it seemed like the general consensus was that January felt like it took two months to finally come to an end when in reality it was (somehow) only 31 days. Not so much this time around. 2019’s debut month flew right on by! At least for me . . .

Even so, I managed to pack in quite a bit. Keep reading for a not-so-quick update on all that I’ve been up to — from what I’m reading to what I’m eating, it’s accounted for here.

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