Thoughts on Living Alone + Apartment Tour

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By now it’s a well-known fact that just under six months ago I picked up and moved over halfway across the country from California to Tennessee. A lesser-known fact, however, is that prior to this move, I had never lived alone.

As a millennial who had only ever rented in one of the most expensive states in the US, that’s probably not an entirely shocking tidbit of information. It’s straight-up pricey to live in California, let alone live there, well . . . alone.

Cost aside — I’m also someone who thrives off of human connection, so having a roommate or a gaggle of roommates is something that (until recently) I felt was non-negotiable. Whether it was my OG roommates mom and dad, my college dormmates, or my post-grad roomie, for the past 25 years there was someone there to welcome me home from class or work, someone to make dinner with, and someone to binge Netflix series after Netflix series with.

And while I genuinely loved that, it really took me no time at all to appreciate this solo living situation.

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How To | Maintain Long-Distance Friendships

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Out of sight, out of mind — an old saying that, unfortunately, rings very true in my life. I’m on a continuous journey (more like an eternal struggle) to change that, especially now that I’ve put thousands of miles between myself and home and can’t afford to lose sight of my most important relationships.

On this long-distance journey, however, I’ve noticed that while there are tons of blog posts about why it’s okay (healthy even) for your friend group to naturally thin as you age, there aren’t very many that highlight the importance and difficulty of maintaining those friendships you decide to invest in. Particularly when you live in different cities.

So here we are.

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