Lesson Learned: Stop Waiting to Pop the Champagne

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It all started with a rather fancy bottle of Veuve, gifted from a close friend to me on my 24th birthday. It was a very generous gift for a very ordinary occasion — one that I would not feel as cool about presenting given the same opportunity (especially at that age, but even now at 26, tbh).

Because of its relatively hefty price tag and its top-shelf quality (plus the fact that I’m not really a “champagne on its own” kind of gal — I’m privier to buying a $10 bottle of Korbel to add to my OJ for a shoddy booze-fueled brunch), I promised myself I would only pop its cork on an occasion worth celebrating. Which, at the time, included getting some type of a promotion or securing a new/better job, or finally finding a way out of California and into the ever-cool city of Austin, Texas.

Spoiler alert: I never got around to popping that bottle of Veuve.

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Welcome to the Real World — 4 Tips For Finding Success in Your New Job

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Maybe it’s because graduation season recently wrapped up (or because I myself have been interviewing non-stop and imagining life in a fresh corporate setting), but the question of how one can be successful in their new job has been bouncing around in my head as of late. So much so that I’ve decided to take a deep-dive into how you can show up and be your best self in that new role — both in the professional sense and the personal one.

Whether you’re new to the workforce and the impression you’re making is at job numero uno or you’re a seasoned worker starting over at a company you were recently hired by, here are some digestible tips to flourish during your first days on the job.

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A Happy 4th — Vermont Style

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I’d like to say that I’m finally getting around to writing this because it is, quite literally, the 4th of July, but saying so just wouldn’t be truthful. I’m writing it because a dear friend of mine (again) quite literally brings up the subject of this post almost every. single. time that we hop on the phone to catch up.

“When are you going to write about Vermont?”

“Can’t think of anything to write? How about Vermont?”

“That Vermont post is long overdue.”

I heard ya, girlfriend (just a year and some late). Corinne, this one’s for you!

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