What’s the Deal Here?

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Inspiration / Life & Lifestyle

I’ve been asking myself the same question . . .

If you’ve had a chance to read my About Me page, then you know I started A Thousand Candid Words with the intent of creating an online space to practice my writing away from the stricter guidelines of my job. I knew upfront that it wasn’t going to be a lifestyle blog, or a fashion, beauty, or health blog for that matter. And heck, it still isn’t that. I just knew that I needed to write, and that I wanted my voice to be heard (or at least accessible) by anyone who may need to hear it.

Looking for a good book recommendation? Maybe I’ve got it.

Need a good laugh, or maybe a decent moment of honesty? I hope I can give you that.

How’s this for a moment of honesty ― I really don’t have an end goal to what I’m doing here. Though consistency is something I’d like to eventually achieve with this, I haven’t really put much thought into where I might find it.

Could this someday evolve into something more along the lines of a lifestyle-type blog? I’m not ruling it out. But for now, I think you should expect it to be more parallel to my life as it is in this moment: random and spontaneous and 100% from the heart.

I guess what I’m really hoping for is that A Thousand Candid Words reads to you like a friend is talking. Perhaps giving you advice, or sharing with you what inspires her, or just blabbering about her day or her life or her opinions. Because that’s who I am, and what I aspire to be. A friend. And a good one at that.

So thanks for hanging with me while I figure this out myself. It should be a fun/challenging/unpredictable adventure!


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