What Sparks Your Creativity?

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Finding something you’re passionate about is no easy task, especially in your adult age. Taking the time to invest in it once it’s found isn’t exactly a walk in the park either. And then sharing the finished product with the world? Some (like myself) get full-body, nausea-inducing shivers just thinking about it.

Not too long ago, my job began losing its initial sparkle (as most do). I knew it was normal for something I did every day to become a bit monotonous and routine, and I knew that the obvious solution would be to dive head-first into my hobby outside of work. But I was at a standstill — I couldn’t exactly pinpoint what that was for me. Clearly, I had a little soul-searching to do.

A Thousand Candid Words was the attainable result of that reflection. Since my first post at the end of July, it has become a place I can create without rules, where I can write freely and in my own voice. It has become a pastime that renews and refreshes my morale. When work is tough and I’m feeling a bit defeated in that department, I can log on after work and let my fingers fly across the keyboard. When I feel a creative impulse or am excited by something I read about or see, I can draft up a response to that prompt.

Maybe one day I’ll hunker down and write that bestselling novel or children’s book I’ve always dreamed about. And maybe not. But until I decide to take that plunge, I’m happy with this being my platform and my outlet for creativity.

I most certainly am not alone in the hunt for something worthwhile to help stray away from a routine day-to-day. I’ve been encouraged regularly by friends who have also searched and found things that excite and inspire them. These “ordinary” people are grad students or full-time workers like myself who aren’t letting that 9-to-5 stop them from pursuing what that ignites something in them.

I’ve decided to take some time and share their stories in the hopes that others who think their ordinary life is all there is can recognize that something extraordinary is always within reach. This new series I’m developing will shed some light on these friends who have taken unsteady strides to shake up what they perceive as a humdrum or less-than-satisfactory life. I’ll ask and they’ll reveal what inspired them in the first place, how they took their creative catalyst and then ran with it. I’ll ask how their personal lives and well-beings have improved, and what they hope for in the future.

This series will be called “Sparked.”

My first interview will be posted at the end of October and will focus on a pair of dear friends from Loyola Marymount. They’ve recently created a spooky-yet-comedic podcast, Two Girls One Ghost, that has been experiencing quick and growing success since its release. Until you can read their interview, you can listen and subscribe to Two Girls One Ghost on iTunes. And if you don’t have access there, you can listen on Player FM or even their website. It’s the perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit! Hope you enjoy 🙂



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