Getting Out Of Your Own Way

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Career / Inspiration

2017 was one of those character-building years for me.

For how swiftly it passed, there didn’t seem to be anything breezy about it. Reflecting on the challenges I encountered — both minor and major — I’d say I came out relatively unscathed. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily made it through unchanged.

One of the largest hurdles I faced this year was with my career — in the type of work I was doing, in questioning what future (if any) there was for me in this industry. I kept envisioning this doomsday-type domino effect that was looming not too far off . . . one that started the minute I felt desperate enough for an escape and eventually ended with me making an impulsive (and damaging) decision during what was only a temporary period of disappointment.

Until recently, I really hadn’t felt fulfilled or challenged enough in my career, which in turn made me unhappy. And unfortunately, that dissatisfaction seeped into other areas of my life.

It’s probably easier to write it off and presume things will be better soon. But unless you actively make the effort to pick yourself up, to make yourself see things differently, you drag out the spell of unhappiness and end up remaining miserable far longer than need be.

I’ve been through these dark seasons of life enough times to recognize it pretty early on. And when I do, I immediately search for anything that might bring back that essential lightness. For me, it can be found anywhere — a good book, a day spent in the fresh air, an hour-long phone call with a friend. But where I typically find the comfort and reassurance I am seeking, is in the words of strangers and greats alike on Pinterest.

I know with 100% certainty I’m not the only one who reads a passage and thinks, that is precisely how I’m feeling. Or, those were the exact words I needed to hear/read. The power of words is truly extraordinary.

I’ve decided that every now and then, I’m going to share some of the words I’ve stumbled upon that have sparked some type of reaction in me. In doing so, I hope that those feeling similarly can recognize they’re definitely not alone.

This particular series of quotes reminded me that I shouldn’t feel rushed to figure things out just yet. That good things, the best things, will come when I’m ready for them. I often times forget just how young I am, and how much time I still have to make waves in my career. If I’m feeling like I’ve failed, I need to take it as a lesson learned rather than a major setback. When things are moving more slowly than I would like, I should find solace in the quiet moment rather than restlessness.

And that each season of life — just like summer, autumn, winter, or spring — is sure to pass.


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