The Beach is Calling

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. . . and I must go.

Over the past few days, I’ve (finally) gotten around to (slowly) pulling together the details from my trip to Portugal for an upcoming post. Yeah yeah [she says with a quick wave of her hand, eyes rolling], that Portugal trip I took six months ago. Procrastination at it’s finest, ladies and gents.

Recalling moments and collecting photos from my time in this cultured coastal city has stirred in me the desire to get up and go again. Specifically to a place where the sun shines relentlessly and the ocean is always but a few steps away. Lucky for me, I have a bachelorette party in May that calls for a quick flight and a long weekend spent across the border in Cabo, so I’ll be getting my fix soon enough.

Until then, you’ll find my Pinterest page saturated with summery scenes and bright and airy spaces. If you’re like me and also craving the climate of some far off destination, you can follow along on my pinning splurge and get lost in all the adventure that’s waiting out there.

In the meantime . . . *Cue “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”*

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