Midweek Pin-spiration | 8.15

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It’s usually around this time — you know . . . end of summer, unbearable heat — that I really begin to crave the repose of fall.

I can picture it now (as I sit in my 68-degree air-conditioned apartment, safe from the muggy 95-degree weather outside):

Early weekend mornings spent on my balcony in cozy wool socks and an oversized flannel, one hand securely wrapped around a warm mug of coffee and the other clutching my latest read — likely something fueling those autumnal sentiments such as Practical Magic or A Discovery of Witches.

Or perhaps a late, sleepy morning followed by a day spent at Pumpkinfest in Franklin with a friend or two, where we indulge in fall-inspired photo shoots and some delicious seasonal fares like apple crumbles and cinnamon funnel cakes. And though I’ve traded my Uggs for a more dependable and (dare I say) trendy pair of Timberlands, I’m definitely not one to discriminate against a PSL. Basic White Girl stereotype be damned.

It’s no surprise that my recent Pinterest benders reflect my longing for the next season to fall (pun intended) upon us. And as temps continue to surpass 90 here in Nashville, I thought I’d share just a few of the city stoops, clothes, and recipes currently making their rounds among my harvest (keep those puns coming) of Pinterest boards, in hopes that doing so somehow hastens the arrival of fall.

An Ideal Autumn Day

I M A G E  L I N K S
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Row 2 | 3 // 4
Row 3 | 5 // 6
Row 4 | 7 // 8 // 9


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