Words To — A New Series

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I love words. Probably something that shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point. Whether I’m reading them or writing them, they tend to fill up most of my days. I’ve even gone so far as to make words my job!

I am swiftly and effortlessly inspired, frustrated, saddened, motivated, elated, etc. etc. etc. by something so simple as a really great quote in a book, a devastating news headline, a profound poem, the list goes on . . . And I know I’m not the only one who is moved by the power words possess.

Since I am not always in control of the words I stumble upon, I make sure to do my fair share of seeking them out and digesting them in a positive way each day. One of my favorite ways to do this is on Pinterest. Through this medium, I discover so many wonderful quotes by writers, poets, important social figures, and more, and I am often surprised at how many of these short snippets encompass exactly how I am feeling in that moment or have felt in the past.

Instances like these make me realize how connected we really are; how we experience and perceive and emote in very similar ways.

Ah, how great is the influence of words.

In the spirit of how much I love words and appreciate their reach, I’ve decided to start a new little series called “Words To . . .” Every now and then, I’ll highlight a small collection of quotes I’ve come across that has stirred something in me. Maybe the post will have a theme (Words to Motivate You, Words to Inspire Self-Love), but more likely than not it will just be a medley of words I find meaningful.

So without further ado . . .

Words to Carry You Through the Weekend


Source: Pinterest


Source: lauryngiless


Source: aolano


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest


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