About the Blog & the Author

Like many things that eventually take shape, A Thousand Candid Words manifested from a very real need in my early-twenties.

At twenty-four, I was working as an Associate Copywriter for a reputable home remodel and design company. It was a great position to be in, but it became apparent after only a year that it wasn’t pushing forward my writing in a constructive way. The format was tight; the chance to write creatively was finite. Because of this, I knew I needed to begin seeking an outlet elsewhere.

That’s where A Thousand Candid Words came about.

Soon its initial purpose shifted. What began as just a platform to develop my voice away from work eventually evolved into something a bit more special. It became an online space where I could express my thoughts and opinions, where I could create freely without those restrictive rules applying.

It’s definitely daunting to get one of these blog-style sites up and running, especially with the blogosphere that exists online today. And I know I’m no expert on any specific topic, so things like this are risky. But it’s also important that I follow my gut and take those necessary steps and leaps to get where I want.

So, even if I’m sending this introduction into some great void of the World Wide Web, here I am. Writer, dreamer, doer (once the courage shows up). A twenty-something gal from California with nothing particularly important to say, but who’s just going to say it anyways. My name is Marissa, and welcome to A Thousand Candid Words.