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Words To — Make You Smile

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Remember in Elf when Buddy is asked (kinda brazenly, no less) by the manager of Gimbels why he was smiling quote . . . like that . . . end quote? And without skipping a beat or easing up on his overzealous grin, Buddy replies, “I just like to smile! Smiling’s my favorite!” Same, Buddy, same. And my guess is we’re not alone in that. Keep scrolling for some encouraging, uplifting, and cheerful words that’ll […]

Midweek Pin-spiration | 1.16

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People keep telling me this is a mild winter compared to years past, and while I believe them . . . y’all. I have never been so cold. For someone who runs as warmly as I do, I’m surprised to catch my teeth chattering as frequently as they have been. On account of these sub-zero temps (I kid, I kid), it’s no surprise that I’ve been seeking out all the coziest things I can get […]

Words To — Encourage Your Inner Badass

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On the heels of my 2019 post in which I make an argument in favor of resolutions, is this here post full of words to help inspire your hardest-working self once those resolutions are made. So whether you’re in the throes of a new diet and struggling, or diving wholeheartedly into your side hustle and having second thoughts, here’s an assortment of quotes to encourage and fortify your journey. But you don’t need me to remind you […]

What’s Up, 2019?

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After (finally) setting aside some time to reflect on 2018 and tuck it safely away as one of my most noteworthy years, it only seemed fitting to spend a minute ushering in this new one in a similar fashion — with a post dedicated entirely to it, of course! So . . . what’s up, 2019? This is me welcoming you with wide-opened arms; inviting you into an eager embrace. Can you feel my optimism? […]