What’s Up, 2019?

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After (finally) setting aside some time to reflect on 2018 and tuck it safely away as one of my most noteworthy years, it only seemed fitting to spend a minute ushering in this new one in a similar fashion — with a post dedicated entirely to it, of course!

So . . . what’s up, 2019? This is me welcoming you with wide-opened arms; inviting you into an eager embrace. Can you feel my optimism? That innocent hope that hasn’t yet been stroked? The sheer determination to make you my most favorite year ever?!

Well if for some reason you can’t, here’s your bleeping-red warning to buckle up. Because we’re doing this, 2019. We’re in it for the long haul.

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Thank You, 2018

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There’s no doubt that there are far more important things for me to be doing than writing this post — hello weeks worth of laundry, dusty apartment surfaces, and Whole30 meal prep — but alas, here I am. Putting off the things I should be doing for the thing I should have done, like, two weeks ago. I don’t know about you, but I think my habit of procrastinating is kinda charming. Dare I even say cute?

No? Just me trying to distract from the reality that it’s actually not charming or cute at all? Okay fine, you’re right. I digress. Moving right along.

Whew. 2018. What a year! Let’s take a look back.

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I’m a Morning Person & You Can Be Too

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I, Marissa, am a morning person. It wasn’t something that necessarily happened overnight (lol sleeping puns), and it had less to do with the fact that I wanted to become a morning person and more with the fact that I needed to.

*Harks back to about three years ago*

You see, at 22 I had just been hired into my first post-grad role — my first real job out of college — and it required a 6:00 AM clock-in time. Yowza. As someone who loved her late nights and could easily sleep in past midday, this was a serious wake-up call (ha, more puns). And I’d be remiss not to admit that this early start time made me second-guess the job I had just accepted via a quick phone call. There was still time to jump ship, right?! I mean, I still hadn’t signed any official paperwork. I didn’t need the job that bad (yes I did).

Yet, here I am — almost three years later and up before the sun. On my own terms, too!

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My Fav Eateries & Drinkeries in Nashville (So Far)

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One thing I love most about living in a blossoming metropolitan city is the food scene that’s budding right along with it. And though Nashville — lovingly referred to by many as Music City — has had its own draw for years (and years and years) being a hub for live music, it’s recently become a destination for foodies looking to dig into (lol eating puns) its culinary landscape.

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