10 Personal Wins From My First Year in Nashville

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How? How has it already been a year?! I’m no expert on time, but I’m damn-near certain it’s not supposed to move this quickly.

Rather than get all soft and sentimental about what have easily been the most formative twelve months of my life, I’m instead going to break down this last year into a list of my proudest accomplishments in Nashville so far. Sprinkled among those noteworthy (and perhaps not-so noteworthy) achievements will be some personal takeaways, too, which can certainly be applied to other areas of life.

If sappy is what you’re looking for, however, worry not. I’ve got plenty of posts in the archive to curb your craving for emotion. Like this old one reflecting on my big move to Tennessee, or this recent one thanking my apartment for being the best temporary home. (Yes, I wrote a love letter to my downtown studio apartment. No, judgment isn’t welcome here.)

So keep chugging along for a relatable and hopefully inspiring reflection on my first year away from the comforts and ease of home. Warning, it’s a long one.

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ATCW Journal | Vol. I

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If you’re a part of A Thousand Candid Words’ small-but-mighty following on Instagram, you may already be enlightened to the fact that I haven’t been feeling the most motivated to hunker down and write here. It’s not without trying, though — I have no less than ten ideas waiting to be put into words. But to be honest, the effort it would take to get those posts published seems a bit too daunting at the moment.

I want to shake this lack of drive, I do. It doesn’t suit me.

So in a bid to get back into it, I’ve decided to return to what’s at the core of A Thousand Candid Words — to be as candid as I can. To write from the heart. I want to be able to share the hard times as much as I share the good ones. With that, I’ve decided to start this “ATCW Journal” series. My vision with it is that it will be the place I turn to when I could use a moment of clarity. Where I can be honest, and not just with myself but with you, too.

Writing is so liberating. Getting those pent-up feelings out on paper (or internet?) is freeing. In doing so, we can start to uncover and then understand what’s at the root of the feelings we’re feeling — both good and bad. And in some instances, after laying everything out, the negative things we believe to be so heavy start to lose their weight.

So with that, here’s Volume One of ATCW Journal.

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