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Fall Bucket List | Nashville ed.

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I’m not sure why or when it happened, but in recent years fall has acquired quite the bad rep. Instead of maintaining its notoriety for being one of the most strikingly beautiful times of the year, this season (likely much to its dismay) has instead become synonymous with the word “basic” and the stereotypical “white girl.” If enjoying the odd pumpkin-flavored drink, taking pictures of the changing leaves, and finding delight in cozying up in […]

A (Southern California) Fall Bucket List

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If we’re being honest, it’s nearly impossible to distinguish summer from fall here in Southern California, especially when considering weather alone. It remains in the high-seventies to low-eighties throughout September and October, sometimes getting even hotter when Mother Nature is exceptionally displeased. If it weren’t for the heaps of mini Halloween candy or this year’s most popular costumes on display in Target, it’s very likely we couldn’t tell the beginning of autumn from the end […]