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Words To — A New Series

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I love words. Probably something that shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point. Whether I’m reading them or writing them, they tend to fill up most of my days. I’ve even gone so far as to make words my job! I am swiftly and effortlessly inspired, frustrated, saddened, motivated, elated, etc. etc. etc. by something so simple as a really great quote in a book, a devastating news headline, a profound poem, the list […]

Fall Bucket List | Nashville ed.

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Life & Lifestyle

I’m not sure why or when it happened, but in recent years fall has acquired quite the bad rep. Instead of maintaining its notoriety for being one of the most strikingly beautiful times of the year, this season (likely much to its dismay) has instead become synonymous with the word “basic” and the stereotypical “white girl.” If enjoying the odd pumpkin-flavored drink, taking pictures of the changing leaves, and finding delight in cozying up in […]

How To | Slow Down and Be Proud

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Career / Inspiration

It shouldn’t be that hard . . . to accomplish everything — or maybe just something — on my big list of things to accomplish, then take a long and meaningful moment to reflect and feel completely proud before picking up and moving on to tackle whatever’s next. And yet. I’m not quite sure when it happened, but I’ve begun to realize that I’m no longer a healthy goal-setter. What once was a perfectly balanced […]

I Love.

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Love can be a loaded word. And for one that is supposed to carry so much weight, it gets tossed around like nothing more often than not. I love this song. I love those shoes! I looove this slice of pizza (No? Just me?). Now before I lose you completely, I promise this isn’t going to be some lecture on how we need to put an end to all casual use of the word and save […]